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At LifeLine Foundation – Best Nasha Mukti Kendra in India, we take immense pride in providing the finest addiction treatment to individuals struggling with alcohol and drug dependencies. Our foundation was established in 2017 with a core objective of creating a meaningful impact on people’s lives by offering them top-notch medical care catered towards their specific needs. With our handpicked team of experienced doctors and dedicated professional staff, we strive to make each patient feel seen and heard throughout their journey towards sobriety. We firmly believe that the key component to successful recovery lies in treating each individual with extreme care, compassion, and empathy- something which is deeply ingrained in our ethos here at LifeLine Foundation India.


Lifeline Foundation India is one of the most premium and leading nasha mukti kendra in India and vyasan mukti kendra in India. Their multidisciplinary approach holistically addresses the physical, physiological, emotional, and spiritual aspects of recovery. There are several methods for healing the body, mind, and spirit, including counselling, therapy sessions, feelings management, anger management, and yoga sessions.

treatment model

If an addict has been abusing drugs and alcohol for a long time, ending their abusive behaviour becomes even more difficult. As a result of their involvement in drugs and/or alcohol for so long, they can’t imagine their lives without them. Despite their best intentions, they get sucked into the same destructive environment of using buddies, dealers, and other enablers. Our addiction treatment model results from years of experience in the recovery field.

LIfeline team

The Lifeline rehabilitation center in Pune includes in-house and visiting Counselors, Therapists, Psychiatrists, Nutritionists, Dentists, and General Practitioners who are dedicated to providing support and guidance to their clients. They help clients to develop a renewed attitude to life and equip them with practical skills, so that they can pursue an addiction-free, productive life. Our team has extensive experience in the field of De-addiction & Rehabilitation.


The word freshness, relaxation and peace are the ones that can best describe our rehab centre. The calming grove of trees present around us projects a powerful positive vibe which encourages the addicts to opt for a better life-style and to bring back their mental balance. Lifeline Foundation is located in a scenic and airy atmosphere at an altitude. The very look outside the window makes the addicts feel relaxed and homely. We are situated at Tarawade Vasti, Hadapsar in Pune.


Sr. No 94, Police Station, 2B 1/1/7, Rajiv Gandhi Colony, Behind Mohammedwadi Road, Tarawade Vasti, Undri, Pune, Maharashtra 411060


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