When seeking addiction treatment, entering a rehabilitation centre can be a crucial step towards recovery. These centres provide a safe and supportive environment where individuals can focus on overcoming their addiction and building a healthier, drug-free life. It is important to follow certain do’s and don’ts to make the most of your time in a rehabilitation centre in India. Here are some guidelines to consider:


1. Be open and honest: One of the essential aspects of addiction recovery is being honest with yourself and the professionals helping you. Please share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences openly, as this will help them tailor a personalized addiction treatment plan that meets your needs.

2. Attend therapy and counselling sessions: Therapy and counselling are fundamental components of addiction treatment. Participating actively in these sessions can help you gain insights into the underlying causes of your addiction, develop coping mechanisms, and learn skills to prevent relapse.

3. Follow the rules and guidelines: Each rehabilitation centre has its own rules and guidelines designed to maintain order, safety, and discipline. Respecting and adhering to these rules for your well-being and the well-being of others in the facility is crucial.

4. Build a support network: Connect with peers who are going through similar struggles. Building a support network can provide much-needed encouragement, understanding, and motivation during your recovery journey. Participate in group therapy sessions and engage in activities that promote social interaction within the centre.

5. Engage in physical activities: Regular exercise can have numerous benefits during addiction recovery. Engaging in physical activities improves your physical health and helps reduce stress, improve sleep patterns, and boost your mood. Take advantage of any exercise programs or facilities offered in the rehabilitation centre.


1. Don’t engage in negative behaviours: It is crucial to avoid engaging in any negative behaviours that may trigger cravings or lead to relapse. This includes avoiding contact with past drug-using friends, refraining from visiting places associated with substance abuse, and steering clear of situations that may tempt you to use drugs or alcohol.

2. Don’t isolate yourself: Isolation can interfere with your recovery progress. Avoid isolating yourself from others in the rehabilitation centre and actively participate in group activities and therapy sessions. Building connections and sharing experiences with fellow residents can be invaluable in maintaining motivation and staying on track.

3. Don’t entertain the idea of “just one more time”: Addiction recovery requires commitment and determination. Avoid rationalizing or entertaining the idea of using drugs or alcohol “just one more time.” This type of thinking can quickly lead to a full-blown relapse and undermine all your progress.

4. Don’t resist treatment recommendations: The rehabilitation centre professionals have addiction recovery expertise. Trusting their guidance and following their recommendations for your treatment plan is important. This may include attending specific therapy sessions, taking prescribed medications, or participating in alternative therapies.

5. Don’t rush the recovery process: Addiction recovery is a journey that takes time and patience. It is essential to recognize that progress may not happen overnight and that setbacks can occur along the way. Be kind to yourself, practice self-care, and stay committed to your recovery goals, even during challenging times.

In conclusion, entering an addiction rehabilitation centre in Pune provides an opportunity for individuals to break free from the grip of addiction and rebuild their lives. By following these do’s and don’ts, you can maximize your chances of successful recovery. Remember, being open, honest, and committed to the treatment process is essential while avoiding negative influences and behaviours that may hinder your progress. With dedication and support, you can embark on the path to a healthier, alcohol and drug free life.

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